Ed Campbell is a semi retired businessman who has lived here in the Shuswap area since 1978. His aboriginal heritage is Mohawk and he has always enjoyed the outdoors. He is an avid wood worker and specifically has taught himself how to build and restore wood and canvas canoes. In addition he also builds paddles, seats and other components for these canoes. His woodwork is not solely concerned with canoes.
Some years ago, Ed was involved with a youth camp in the Prince George area, where he taught a group of wayward youth how to build with logs. He found this very rewarding.
Ed is also an experienced instructor having taught many courses in log house construction at the “B. Allan Mackie School of Log building”, the “Kamloops Native Band”,  “Caribou College” in Kamloops and a number of Japanese students from Japan. He is a founding father of “The International Log Builders Association” and maintains a strong connection to this industry through his son Brian, who continues the business. Ed believes young people will benefit from learning these skills of a bygone era, from a man who is eager to pass them on through THRIVE.

Candy St. Pierre has resided in the Salmon Arm area since 1980. She has worked in finance since the age of sixteen.

With a big heart for social and environmental good as well as an expert experienced fundraiser, Candy is excited to be a part of the THRIVE team!

Dean is a proud father of five children and celebrates his aboriginal heritage- Metis. He was born and raised in the Vernon and surrounding area. Mr. Trumbley is a registered professional biologist and has conducted many studies throughout British Columbia. He was a Scout Canada leader and trainer for over 5-years and loves working with youth of any age. Dean is also a Co-Host on an International outdoor adventure TV show. Dean`s true passion is the outdoors, learning to survive and thrive in all types of ecosystems. He started training at a young age on outdoor survival under the guidance of his grandfather and father. He went onto complete Quest at 17-years of age. Dean has taken this knowledge as a gift and truly believes that it is his duty to now share it with others. He looks forward to conducting similar camps as he has done through his company Thunder Boys Productions Inc., at THRIVE.

Ed Campbell

Program Facilitators

Brenda is a strong First Nations woman of Switsmaph6, also known as Adams Lake Indian Band. Brenda embodies innate and learned eclectic gifts, from helping others become their authentic self, through understanding full circle generational healing, to the art of set design, costumes and make-up. Brenda's determination to pay back and forward through solution focused positive change, make her the ideal director of healing through traditional and progressive, multicultural fine arts, at THRIVE.

Brenda Laye - Director of Traditional Health & Fine Arts

Candy St. Pierre - Secretary/Treasurer

Lew is a proud Metis, who aspires to help people, and our Earth Mother heal. A world-wide business traveler, with an eclectic work history, Lew has experience in nearly every arena under the sun. From owning a successful ranch with trail rides at Whistler B.C., to working with Award-Winning stars at prestigious events, Lew shines. Have a question about a personal dream, Lew will align you with the right people to help make it happen. He is intuitive and perceptive, with a keen eye to detail. Having a strong social sense, with passion about environmental issues, Lew is the ideal person for the position of hospitality and director of green solutions for THRIVE.

Lew Mearnes - Strategic Planning & Director of Green Solutions

Nanika Albricht is a graduate of I.S.I.S: Expressive Arts Therapy. She has experience in working therapeutically through the arts, since 2007. Nanika has also worked in trauma and abuse, at Women’s Shelters and in healing attachment, through Equine facilitated wellness practices.
Nanika has applied her skills working with Youth in the community, through the, ‘Mandella Project’ where she worked therapeutically, with youth, through a full range of experiential and artistic mediums, for several years at Aspiral Youth Partners Assoc.’ Nanika is director of programs for children, youth and adults, in collaboration with horse, experiential/outdoor and expressive arts therapy, at THRIVE Acres.

Nanika Albricht

Jessica Landau is a lifelong equine enthusiast. She has her BA in Psychology and a Certificate in Career Development. Jessica believes in the healing power of animals, nature and the breath to guide, transform and awaken one’s strength and inner potential. 
Jessica’s program focuses on children and teens living with Autism as well as support for their family and caregivers. In cooperation with horses and other animals, using simple ground-work and centering exercises, Jessica gently assists those struggling with self-worth, boundaries and communication.
At THRIVE, Jessica is also offering different perspectives and approaches/essential skills to discovering a fulfilling career.

Jessica Landau

Wendy brings a mixture of cultural sensitivity, psycho-social-emotional and spiritual intelligence; business management, and Holistic healing knowledge to THRIVE. She has decades of experience, working with people through the circle of life, upon entering, and in end of life support. Lynn Canyon was her childhood playground, and one of her first teacher's was Chief Dan George. With an ability to overcome obstacles, and turn adversity into wisdom and knowledge, she has the necessary skills to assist in the success of Thrive. 

Wendy's first hand, experiential journey, through generational cell memory healing, drives her passion and dedication, to set those interested, absolutely, and unconditionally free. 

"The only true disability is a broken spirit." Aimee Mullins

Wendy (Shellard) Benna - Visionary & Co-founder

Lois has 40+ years experience in Natural Horsemanship. She has run High Country Trail Rides, 
near Salmon Arm, since 2003, offering trail rides, training and riding lessons. Lois has also safely guided
youth with Autism, children and youth from a local Bible camp, visitors from many countries, and fulfilled a riding dream for two individuals, who have been blind their entire lives. Natural Horsemanship, teaching Horse safety skills, plus her keen eye and sense for Horse and participants body language while a workshop is in progress, are the greatest gifts Lois brings to THRIVE.

​​Lois Lepp - Director of  Natural Horsemanship, Farming & Marketing

Board of Directors

We also have an ever growing & greatly appreciated team of volunteers, mentors & holistic health care practitioners who help keep animals, land & visitors comfortable at THRIVE.

To name a few:

Geoff Arnouse, Michelle Toms, Hailey Morrow, Merilee Buss, Karen Bowes, Mary Busk, Karen & Sara Herchebes, Alison Black, Joanne Trumbley & team of youth.  

Tina Spear

Nourish Life - Empower Play - Nurture Love - Together Stay

                        Thrive On Spirit Strong

Dean Trumbley.

Nanika Albricht

Growing up on a farm, Tina found an innate affinity to connect with various animals. She also has practical knowledge in caring and working with them. Being of Metis descent and having lived among the indigenous people of New Zealand for 14 years, Tina also brings a wealth of cross-cultural experience and wisdom.

She presently works as a counselor and life coach, in various aspects of emotional recovery.  

Having worked through her own recovery, she embodies a wealth of emotional and intellectual intelligence. Along with compassion, empathy and understanding, she carries a voice to and for the voiceless.  

Tina is personally acquainted with what it takes to not be merely a survivor but a "Thriver."