Member's Philosophy

The Soul has no gender,

no colour, creed or race,

The Soul has no status,

religion or weight,

The Soul has but one state~ Grace.

By Christina (Baird) Shellard

HAIL Grace

H is for honesty- be straight & clear.

A is for authenticity & altruism- stand in your own truth, being mindful of social and environmental good.

I is for integrity- be your word, trustworthy- say & do what you say you will do.

L is for love- wishing people well & good will. Imparting empathy, understanding & compassion. Aspiring to make spirit & soul whole... having a fellowship of the shared heart.

Nourish Life - Empower Play- Nurture Love - Together Stay

                       THRIVE ON SPIRIT STRONG

​​THRIVE Code of Ethics:
- A right to increased quality of life.
​- To experiential healing & learning in a natural environment.
- A right to explore personal identity & knowledge in a safe sacred peaceful space, at one's own pace.
- A right to be treated with dignity & respect.
- A responsibility to be gentle in word & action to animals, people & the environment, mindful of those who walked before & generations to come. A right & responsibility to share experience & knowledge.
- A right to a voice.
- A right to build & strengthen healthy relationships.
To the very best of our ability, THRIVE aspires to empower individuals with their birthright, to shine &

​​​​Constitution Dedication
a.) To provide full circle healing, education and personal growth opportunities, to/for all ages including prenatal and end of life support.

b.) To carry out physical, emotional and intellectual activities to benefit a variety of people with various needs.

c.) The purpose of the THRIVE Society is for social and environmental good.
d.) To operate as a charitable organization to receive donations and sponsorship's for the attainment of the purposes.

e.) To apply for all necessary and lawful grants in aid.

f.) To align with other organizations whether incorporated or not, having similar values, ethics, morals and goals, in whole or in part to those of the THRIVE Society.